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There's no substitute for over 35 Years of Experience

A second generation house mover, John Landen has been around house moving his entire life. After graduating from East Carolina University in 1977 with a degree in Business Management he formed J.W. Landen & Sons and began moving and raising homes in and around Greenville, NC. Since then, J.W. Landen and Sons has been a family run business that takes pride in managing each project from start to finish personally and professionally. Over the past four decades we have delivered hundreds of projects to hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Eastern NC.  When working with us you can be curtain that you will be dealing directly with the owner every step of the way. We would be happy to provide contact information for references in your area upon request.

We specialize in raising and/or moving structures in flood plain danger areas. After "The Flood of the Century" in 1999 we raised dozens of homes to insure their safety against future storms and flooding. Don't wait until its too late to get your home out of harms way.  In flood plains we elevate homes and businesses above the base flood elevation to meet county compliance codes and significantly lower your flood insurance rates. In many cases you can seek assistance with ICC funds (Increased Cost of Compliance) through FEMA and your insurance provider or grants.

We promote real estate preservation and recycling through relocation. A typical 2000 square foot home requires 26,700 board feet. So if you are building a 2000 square foot home, it will take 102 trees. The average home relocated saves approximately 45 tons of debris from being piled in landfills. Before tearing down give us a call to discuss alternative options. Save at Tree, Move a House!

We often have quality buildings available for purchase, to be moved, and set up on your property for reasonable prices. Contact John Landen at (252) 714-5070 for a description of current building inventory.

 We also offer Free On-Site Estimates for your Project. No job is too big or too small for Landen.

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