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What do I need to do to get started?

Determine your move route, choosing the widest and closest route that has the least amount of obstacles (overhead utilities / trees). Measure the overall width of the structure, eave-to-eave or gutter-to-gutter, then make sure you have at least that distance between utility poles or big trees that are across from each other.

Can the foundation be constructed before moving?

The lot that the structure is being moved to will dictate if the foundation needs to be constructed before the move. This will be determined by us. We will need to coordinate certain aspects with the foundation contractor before actual construction of the new foundation.

What are the reasons you move buildings or houses?

Structures are moved for all kinds of reasons - because they sit on land that is being developed, are historically significant, or fall in the path of highways, railroads, reservoirs, or urban renewal. Sometimes a move is made to rescue a structure and relocate it to an area where its value is increased.

Can a brick block or stone building be raised?

We specialize in masonry structures. We use an exclusive unified hydraulic jacking system. This system enables one man to control the entire jacking operation. The jacks are locked together by a unifying system and will raise and lower in unison regardless of individual jack loading. Each unified jack is on a separate hydraulic circuit and failure in one jack will not cause pressure loss in the other jacks. This system can accommodate from one to thirty-eight 100 ton rams in unison. This system is essential when making large, irregular lifts.

Can additions porches and attached garages on slab be raised with the home?


Who can I contact with Additional Questions

John Landen at (252) 714-5070 or (252) 758-0202

How much are estimates?

All Estimates are Free of Charge